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MADSUMO is the creation of Dan Gorgone, a Massachusetts native, independent filmmaker, and actor. Faced with the challenge of finding appropriate music for self-produced shorts and feature-length movies, Dan found himself composing instrumental music and original songs that fit the bill. Soon, these projects evolved into its own project and persona: Madsumo.

The songs on this self-titled release are odes to the genres that have inspired Dan: 80s rock, early 90s electronic and rap, mid 90s grunge, and early 2000s dance and house music. His influences include Nine Inch Nails, Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine, The Prodigy, and Moby, as well as the producers who helped him get started: Luke Stark and Koji Mabuchi.

Dan is a steadfast supporter of independent film and musicians, and loves to collaborate. Most of his music is available for podcasters on the Podsafe Music Network.